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60' offshore trimaran Gitana X, 2000-2001

So difficult to talk about the Gitana X story !

On the one hand the determination of Baron Benjamin de Rothschild was clear : after the exciting welcome-in-the-class Gitana IX adventure, he expressed a frank no to the proposed copy-and-paste approaches, that is to compose with existing moulds for creating a new boat, and a resolute yes to create a fresh and virgin design team programmed to re-ask the basic questions and try to open innovative ways... !

On the other hand, spending so much energy to re-invent the car-with-four-wheels, while your rivals spend that time and energy to optimize the details of a classical config, that was obviously not the right direction, except for one Very Important Point : men able to take and assume projects risks are so rare that they must be greeted just for that..!

Then, to drive these audacity effectively is the difficult issue !

More informations:
  60' offshore trimaran "Gitana X"
designed in : 2000-2001
hull length : 60' (18.28 m)
beam : 18.00 m
length centreboard (draft) : 5.00 m
foils : curved carbon foils
targeted displacement in measurement trim : 6'100 kg ...
ballast : none
mainsail area : 180 m2
solent : 130 m2
reacher : 250 m2
mast height above wl : 30.40 m
built by : Multiplast (FRA)
architecture : Duncan McLane (USA), Gilles Ollier design team (FRA) & Seb Schmidt
aero-hydro engineering : Mario Caponnetto (ITA), Rémi Laval-Jeantet (FRA), Paul Bogataj (USA)
structural engineering : High Modulus, HDS Hervé Devaux, Dyne Clemens Dransfeld