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26' match racer mOcean, 2007-2008

mOcean is an 8 metre yacht which was specially designed for the lakes of Switzerland as well as for use in the boat-sharing service offered by Sailbox.

The programme was started to find a solution to the saturation existing at Swiss ports. While it can take years to find a spot at a port for one’s boat, the existing boats are often underused: according to a recent survey of the port of Ouchy (Vaud), on average the boats were used for no more than one hour every year! Conversely, each year sees 2000 new D yacht permits in circulation.

One of the first key ideas was to design a modern yacht which would be compatible with the common dimensions of the average boats in existing Swiss ports: maximum width: 2.20m, maximum draft: 1.60m and a maximum length of: 8.0m, rather than designing the yacht freely and then hunting around for a rare suitable spot...

The next idea was to make these boats available in various Swiss lakes and ports as boat-shares. You just use the yacht but don’t own it. Therefore you only pay when you are going to actually go sailing. In this way, the cost of taking a boat out becomes less expensive than skiing.

And you’ll discover new regions: the boats are reserved by internet or telephone. You arrive at your port of choice by train or car. Did you want to travel around Ticino? Engadin? See the Jet d’Eau from up close? You will sail in the same boat using the same kind of equipment (our boats are maintained by professionals).

Sailbox’s goal (within a few years) is to offer a fleet of about sixty yachts over all of Switzerland’s navigable lakes. Currently there are three facilities: Oberägeri on Lake Zug, Horgen on Lake Zurich and Hilterfingen on Lake Thun. More openings are expected in 2011 as the boats are built.

In order to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum (and, to this end, avoiding having them built on the other side of the world), the rationalisation and the modularity of the components has been carefully designed: the various components are assembled using primary bonding instead of resorting to the sort of additional assembly work required in traditional boat building (secondary bonding).
By copying techniques used in the aeronautics industry, special attention has been paid to reducing the number of parts. The fruit of this construction axiom is threefold: greater reliability, a lighter structure and lower manufacturing costs.

The foremost section of the ship is fitted with 15 centimetres of foam fender which is completely shaped and tinted to match the hull.

A "zero-emission" electric motor is fitted in a retractable slot which facilitates safe port manoeuvring.

All manoeuvres have been simplified as much as possible to reduce rigging up and rigging down time to a few minutes.

Thanks to these features the mOcean is ideally suited for sailing schools, also making it a very efficient match-racer: Swiss Sailing was right on target when it chose it as the official boat for the 2009 to 2013 Swiss Match-Race Tours.

By the end of 2012, 26 units have been built.

PDF brochure:
26' match racer mOcean, 2007-2008 (1685 Kb)
07339_article_marina_février 2013 .pdf (6710 Kb)
07339_Nautisme_Romand_2009.pdf (1309 Kb)
More informations:
  26' match racer "mOcean", 2007-2008
hull length : 26' (8.00 m)
max beam : 2.20 m
max draft : 1.60 m
displacement in measurement trim : 1'120 kg
keel and ballast : lifting keel for transport and wintering, 440 kg
water ballast : none
trapezes : 3 per board (for sailschools)
mainsail area : 21.8 m2
solent 100% J2 : 13.3 m2
spinnakers : 1x asymmetric on retractable bowsprit (or 1x symmetric + classical spipole for matchracing)
mast height above wl : 11.32 m
mast construction : aluminium alloy
prototyp built by : Dominik Schenk & co (SUI)
production by : QN Yachts (GER)
architecture : sebastien schmidt & damien cardenoso
certification : 94/25 CE, design caterory C, module Aa
capacity : 8 persons in design caterory C
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